Small/Mid size

restaurant operators

If you are the owner of a successful small/mid size concept and are interested in growing your brand through franchising,
within your borders or internationally, we can provide you with the required tools to successfully implement your strategy.


1. Franchise growth strategy and implementation

If you are new to the franchise world, we are happy to share our knowledge to help you implement the best strategy to grow your business.

Your challenges:

  • You don’t know whether your brand is ‘franchisable’
  • You are not familiar with the different franchise business models (pure franchising, master franchising, business rental etc.)
  • You have been approached by investors interested in taking the franchise for your brand and you don’t know what terms to offer
  • You are unclear about the role of franchisor and support services to be offered to the franchisees

How we can help you:

  • Assist you in choosing the right growth mechanism for your business, whether it is direct investment, joint venture, pure franchising or master franchise.
  • Assist you with the definition of the key commercial terms of the franchise partnership and the contractual framework (franchise agreement and franchise policy manual)
  • Help in defining the right franchise recruitment strategy
  • Help with the creation of franchise packages, including operations, training and asset manuals
  • Assist in defining the right franchise organizational structure and assessing the capability of the leadership team to be recruited

Case Studies:

  • We have assisted a southern European bakery chain to define the appropriate business strategy for its international development and coached the team to set up the franchise pack.

2. International franchise management

Developing a brand through franchising can be time consuming and requires dedicated resources.

Your challenges:

  • You don’t have internal resources to lead the franchise development
  • You are afraid that franchise development can be a distraction to the management of your own stores
  • You don’t have enough knowledge of the international landscape
  • You don’t have the required language skill set to effectively communicate with the counterparts

How we can help you:

  • We can take over the management of your franchise business
  • We can lead new market entries
  • We can deal with the search, screening and selection of franchise partners
  • We can manage the negotiations of all new franchise agreements thanks to our experienced multi-lingual team
  • We can ensure operation control and assistance with the set up of the supply chain system

Case Studies:

  • We have been helping Popbar, a New York gelato concept, to grow internationally through franchising. After having helped the team with their strategy and franchise pack, we are now leading the international development with several openings in Russia and in Asia (Japan, Indonesia, Korea etc.).

3. Training programmes

We can develop tailored training programmes for your management team and staff covering the various topics below:

  • Introduction to franchising
  • International growth via franchising
  • The franchise pack
  • Excellence in restaurant operations
  • The role of the Franchisor and the learning from big brands
  • Finance for restaurant operators

Case Studies:

  • We have developed specific training programmes on franchising for restaurant operators and franchise associations.