Mark Hilton, KFC and Pizza Hut CEO in Romania: We’ll grow with more than 10% thanks to business strategy, not because consumption is recovering


Popbar opens at Plaza Senayan Mall in Jakarta


Popbar opened its 4th store in Jakarta


Mark Hilton, KFC & Pizza Hut CEO declares: regardless of the economy trend, our aim for 2014 is to keep growing the business.


Popbar opened its third store in Jakarta!


Popbar opening its second location in Jakarta!



KFC Romania surpassed McD in profit

KFC surpassed McDonalds …. in profit


Leadership turnover in fast-food industry in Romania. KFC, restaurants’ chain held by US Food Network SA, made a net profit of 9,99 million lei (2,24 million euro) last year (2012) up with 13% compared with previous year, when they reported 8,83 million lei (2,09 million euro). At the same time, McDonalds communicated decreasing net profit in 2012 up to 4 times down FROM 17,8 million lei to only 4,1 million lei.

Last year was a favourable one for KFC when business grew FROM 161 million lei to 187 million lei according to reports available FROM Ministry of Public Finance. The company also increased number of employees FROM 1,370 to 1,426. In the same period, McDonalds reduced number of employees FROM 2,772 (in 2011) to 2,647 (in 2012).

Economic crisis and competitive environment affected a great deal McDonalds’ business in Romania last year. The company reported the worst financial results since the beginning of the economic crisis, according to reports available FROM Ministry of Public Finance.

If in the last 5 years the company reported net profits of 4 or 5 million euro, in 2012, McDonalds Romania did not succeed in reaching at least 1 million euro, even if total business performed a little better than reported in 2011, when the net profit was almost 18 million lei (4,2 million euro).

According to data reported at Ministry of Public Finance, McDonalds registered last year a figure of almost 400 million lei (89,74 million euro) at a revenue of 405,5 million lei (91 million euro) down with almost 2 million lei compared to figures reported in 2011.

Popbar entered in Indonesia!